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Czurvivor de Vii
(Colorado Skrødstrup x
Macarns Tzarina/Tzigane/Apollon)

Breed: Knabstrupper (KNN), Lifetime USEF #5681328

Approved Registries:

DOB: May 30th, 2020

To Mature to 16.1hh -/+

Bay, near Leopard, two socks, star.

WFFS Status: n/n Tested           UC Davis case # NQ63407

Czurvivor (affectionately known as Sir)  is a product of over a decade of studying bloodlines and analyzing performance records. In 2002 we saw our first Knabstrupper colt online. That was it, we were hooked! After over a decade of searching for our first Knab, we brought his dam, Tzarina (Zoey) home. We are forever grateful to her breeder for her.

We worked for 3 years to get Zoey to successfully carry a foal. When she finally did stay pregnant, she had a near death experience and injury at the repro center before coming home. This injury was so significant she could not come home for months. She was on stall rest right up to the day of KNN inspection and by some small miracle she was sound enough to present. She survived this injury and several small ones following the major leg injury. To this day she bears only a small scar and is off on bad days. Sir was named Czurvivor as a tribute to both his perilous journey to life, as well as including both parents- "C" as traditionally, Warmbloods are either named with the first letter of the Sire (or Dam, if a filly intended for breeding), or in certain registries the letter of the year (which helps track age across the registry). The Z in Sirs name is a tribute to his Dam, Tzarina, who is named in this fashion as a tribute to her Sire, Tzigane.

Now, Colorado needs no introduction, but we will anyway- his website 

Colorado Skrødstrup
(Perikles Christinelyst X Jeanette Skrodstrup/Xanthos)
1999 Bay Leopard Spotted 15:3 hh Knabstrupper Stallion
Licensed and Approved KNN, AKA, RPSI (Knabstrupper Book) and sBs

Colorado Skrødstrup is a Knabstrupper stallion imported from Denmark in 2006.  He is a bay leopard spotted stallion and stands 15.3 hh.  Colorado was only the 2nd registered and approved stallion in this country, and one of the only approved and registered Knabstrupper stallions to  actively compete at any discipline in the U.S.   After coming to the United States, he began training for the jumpers, and placed consistently.  At his first "A" rated jumper show (the "Oaks", San Juan Capistrano, California) against very qualified competition, he received a second and a third place in the 1.10m against 89 other horses!  Colorado then switched careers and trained through 4th Level and competed successfully while with his new owner through 2nd at USDF recognized shows.

In 2010, Colorado made history by becoming the first Knabstrupper stallion in the history of the breed to have successfully completed a 70 Day or 100 Day Stallion Testing in North America.  He attended the 70 Day Stallion Testing hosted in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and impressed both judges and riders, as well as attendees with his athletic ability and finished 3rd in Dressage and 5th overall against a very impressive group of warmblood stallions.


Zoeys Sire, Tzigane, also needs no introduction- but we again will humour ourselves here.

Tzigane *Pb* is an American bred, born, approved and performance tested Trakehner stallion who has been stationed in Germany since 2010. He is fully approved by the German Trakehner Verband based on his performance record.

After his 2001 ATA approval, Tzigane was ridden by US Eventing Team member Mike Huber (TX). As a 5yr old, he was the most successful Trakehner at Training Level in North America, and stood 5th in the Nation. In early 2006, the stallion switched disciplines and riders, and since then, has been presented by Helmut Schrant (IL) in show jumping. In their first season together, they won at M level. Beginning with 2007, the pair won and placed at S level and in 2008, Tzigane jumped his first Grand Prix. Towards the fall season in 2009, he managed to accumulate the last necessary wins and places for Verband approval within only 2 weeks and multiple events. For years now, Tzigane has been the ATA's most successful approved show jumping stallion with numerous Horse of the Year awards to his name. In Germany, Tzigane has shown at S** level and has several foal crops on the ground now. Among his German-born foals, several made premium status at their inspections.


Zoeys DamSire, Apollon, is perhaps one of the best known Knabstrupper stallions in the history of US Knabstruppers. 

16.2hh black leopard spot Apollon was at the time, the only Knabstrupper in the world approved for Warmblood breeding with exceptional license by the ZfDP.
Outstanding record as a sire and in competition
Winning Dressage, Showjumping & Eventing to M level
Sired twelve graded stallions & several state-premium daughters
Awarded Gold Medal as best Knabstrupper stallion at the 1990 Danish Agriculture Fair, a rare and distinguished achievement.

Just a glance at his pedigree shows that his ability and versatility haven`t happened by accident. His sire ZORRO was a modern sporthorse Knabstrupper and a descendant of the famous Arab stallion POMERANETS OX, who also sired the stallion Hockey II (sire of the international star Showjumper Almox Prints J)."


Link to Sirs full pedigree here.

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